Gusu Beauties Print 3

A lady is seated by a rectangular painting table holding a painting brush in her right hand, angled as if she was about to wet the tip with her mouth. She wears a loose collar with decorative borders over her shoulders. Her hair is held up with an elaborate ornament and she wears earrings.

On the table, with visible wood-grain pattern, are a sheet of paper with a landscape in progress; a round wooden brush-pot holding a roll of paper, four spotted-bamboo brushes and a red-handled brush; an ink-stone and a water container with a small ladle. Four boys surround the table: one is pinching his hand over the painting, as if spreading something on the painting, another is just looking on the painting over the edge of the table, the third is standing on a low square stand reaching for the water ladle while he is observing the fourth boy picking up two red brushes from the floor, possibly fallen out of the brush-pot. The first boy and the brush boy could be the same boys as in Print 2, wearing the identical red-ribbon knot and neck ring, although the dress is different. Three of the boys have identical hair style as those in Print 2: three tufts of hair tied with red ribbons, but the fourth has only one tuft held by a small hat held by a pin. The same kind of hat can be seen on magistrates and court officials in Ming period paintings.

The woman is seated on a yoke-back chair over which hangs a finely decorated embroidery or tapestry.

Château de Filières

The setting is a covered loggia or terrace with square tiles. Some stairs lead down on the right and there are two openings out to gardens and waters. A tree branch with flowers comes in by the ceiling, which is the same square-patterned one as in Print 2, although here the battens have a striated decor. The left opening is through folding doors and shows a flowering tree, similar to the one that branches into the ceiling, and a rock formation with a banana plant. Further back, beyond a small expanse of water, is a roofed walkway with a lady, and even further back a gable and roof of a house and a pointed round roof of a pavilion(?), and mountains behind. The right opening is bricked and plastered through which the terrace continues. Over a balustrade, decorated with lotus pods at the joints, can be seen the banana plant and another unidentified plant. Beyond the water is the continuation of the covered walkway, now populated with three ladies. Further back is a large roof and mountains. Two rows of birds fly in the sky.

107 x 57 cm

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