Gusu Beauties Print 4

Seated on a fancy taihu rock under a blossoming tree in the garden, a woman is pointing with the top of a brush into an opened book held by a boy standing in front of her. She is probably teaching him to read, although there are no visible text or characters. Three other boys are huddled over a tao of books, one boy handing over a volume, the second tying a cloth around the tao, the third just watching.

The woman is dressed in a half-long robe, of which the upper part has been painted red, and a longer under-garment with embroidered pattern on the bottom. A long sash hangs loose over her arms. She wears earrings and an ornament and pin in her hair. The boys have long robes tied with a belt. All boys have the same hat and top knot as one of the boys in Print 3. Two of the boys wear the neck ring with the lock. The third has the same dress knot as seen in Print 2.

Château de Filières

The setting is in the garden, just outside a terrace or patio which could be the extension of that seen in Print 3. The garden is separated off by a perforated balustrade on the railing of which is a lotus pod and a lion on a lotus flower. To the left, through a small opening, one can see a bit of the red railing, also seen in Print 2 and Print 3, and the covered walkway, with two ladies, also seen in Print 3. To the right, over the balustrade, is an expanse of water behind which are different buildings: an open pavilion to the right with half-opened bamboo curtains, inside which are three persons and a table on which are some books; a two-storied pavilion reached by a moon door; a vaulted bridge; the end of the covered walkway; and some distant buildings.

107 x 57 cm.

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