Gusu Beauties Print 8

[The actual print is not at hand so this description is written from a  not very clear photograph. If I see the print again, I might revise this description.] This print is unique for Château de Filières [actually, as of October 18, 2015, it is not].

A woman holds a small child in her arms and watch two bigger boys kick a feathered ball. They wear sable hats and heavy clothes indicating cold weather.

Behind her is a sturdy table with oblong container with a penzai tree in it. Two doors lead out to a stoned path leading through a wooded area.

On the wall hangs a board with the inscription 鳳子歡呼樂嵗朝 fengzi huanhu le suizhao and a signature 吳門管瑞玉寫 wumen Guan Ruiyü xie   [Thank you Sören Edgren for deciphering the characters].

Château de Filières

The same signature of Guan Ruiyü occurs also in the margin of a black-and-white print, now in Uminomieru mori bijutsukan, or Umi-Mori Art Museum, earlier known as Ohsha’joh Museum of Art. See Aoki, S., Kobayashi, H., & Machida Shiritsu Kokusai Hanga Bijutsukan “Chūgoku no yōfūga” ten: Minmatsu kara Shin jidai no kaiga, hanga, sashiebon.「中国の洋風画」展:明末から清時代の絵画、版画、挿絵本, 東京:町田市立国際版 画美術館, Machida, 1995, 參3. Here the full signature is 姑蘇史家巷管瑞玉藏板 Gusu shijiaxiang Guan Ruiyü cangban or Guan Ruiyü of Shijia lane in Suzhou holds the woodblocks.

This print, Afang gong tu, Image of the Afang Palace, is the right part of a pair or diptych and emanates from the Henri Vever Collection and sold at Sothebys in London June 7th, 1994, lot 153. Afang Palace was in Xi’an and one of the most famous palace complexes in Chinese history, originally built in 212 BC.

2015-09-28 We have also since learned that there are seven examples of this print on the walls of the Small Chinese Salon at Esterházy Palace.

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