Gusu Beauties Print 10

A woman helps a boy, holding a sprig in his hand, down the steps to a pond. They are in front of a doubled-roofed pavilion inside which can be seen a couch with inlaid marble on which are two tao of books and a small stand or cushion.

In the background are other pavilions, one of them in the pond, a moon door is leading through a wall into a yard with a two-storied house, in front of which is a fancy rock.

This print is definitely outside of the previous series. It is very stiffly composed, the rigid persons do not fit in the landscape, the boy is much bigger than the lady, etc. There is no shading or criss-crossing lines. The architecture is more dominant than the persons and the scenery is from the outside and in, whereas all our other prints have been from the inside and out. The print belongs to another family than the previous nine we have discussed. I only include it here because it came as part of a screen on which Prints 6 & 7 were also attached. More about this screen in a future posting.

No other example of this print is known to me.

98 x 55 cm

About chiwoopri

Collector and researcher of old Chinese woodblock prints
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