Wishes Come True – The Final Beauty Descends

In the entry A Gusu Beauty Appears hopes were expressed for the missing fourth print in the tetraptych of Literati Pursuits to appear at an auction sale, mainly so that it could be added to the collection. Well, an auction in New York in September 2018 featured just this print and my wish came true.

The print shows three boys squatting around a chess board while a fourth boy huddles behind his onlooking mother. The scene takes place in a garden, in front of the railing with lion finials, which is also seen in the other three prints. The needed tree is to the right, together with a taihu rock.

Compared with the other three prints comprising the tetraptych, this one is in bad condition, being dirty and stained. It has been cut down on all four sides (95.2 x 54.6cm), the paper has browned and the colours have faded. There are plenty of old repairs and some in-painting. It is most likely that the print has been exposed on a wall, either as a wallpaper or as a picture.

However, the print is unique and it was impossible to resist adding it to the collection in order to complete this, the second such tetraptych of Gusu Beauties. For the first tetraptych see Suzhou Beauties Formats

According to information given, the print was acquired in Europe, possibly in the 1970s or 1980s.

Now, the wish is for a better example of the print to appear somewhere. Never lose hope!

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Collector and researcher of old Chinese woodblock prints
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  1. waddell says:

    Congratulations. Ah, the joys of collectorship. If there were world enough and time…

    2019/02/10 午後6:07、CHINESE WOODBLOCK PRINTING のメール:

    > >

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