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WENFANGTU 文房圖 Prints of Scholarly and Other Objects

A pair of hand-coloured woodblock prints showing sections of deep bookcases or cabinets appeared in a 2020 Bukowski auction in Stockholm.1 I had not paid much attention to this genre of prints before I came across a group of them … Continue reading

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Veltrusy Mansion and its Chinese Prints

Veltrusy Mansion (Czech: Zámek Veltrusy) is a baroque country house in Veltrusy Village, Bohemia, located in the Mělník District of the Czech Republic. The mansion is situated on the banks of the Vltava River, about 25 km north of Prague. … Continue reading

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Chinese Books in European Dress

Chinese books had certainly arrived in Europe by the sixteenth century, mainly through the East India Company trade, initially the Portuguese, then the Dutch and later the British, as well as through missionaries and Jesuits. However, beside a few occurrences … Continue reading

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A large number of colour woodblock prints attributed to the Kangxi reign bear a signature by an artist or printer. The format of these signature varies greatly. Sometimes it is within a cartouche, other times without any borders or embellishments. … Continue reading

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Prints in Schloss Wörlitz 4 – Er Sun Fu Lu, Ba Man Jin Bao

Set in a wall panel between two windows are two more Gusu prints. Here we discuss the lefthand print which has a title reading Er Sun Fu Lu 兒孫福祿, which can be translated as May Your Children and Grandchildren Enjoy … Continue reading

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Prints in Schloss Wörlitz 3 – The Herdboy and the Weaving Maid – Niulang Zhinü

This third print in Wörlitz Palace, this time pasted high above a mirror between two windows, depicts the story of the Weaving Maid Zhinü 織⼥ and the Herdboy Niulang 牛郎. It is an old and famous love story which has … Continue reading

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Prints in Schloss Wörlitz 2 – Jubaopen

Above another door in Wörlitz Palace is a print, an example of which is also in my collection, Jubaopen 聚寶盆 Basin of Treasure. This second Wörlitz print measures 108×59 cm (taken from the red border), mine is 105×54,5 cm. My … Continue reading

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Prints in Schloss Wörlitz 1 – Wannian Bridge

A recent visit to palaces and museums in north Germany yielded an unexpected treasure chest of Chinese woodblock prints dating from the eighteenth century. Schloss Wörlitz, in Sachsen-Anhalt, north of Leipzig, was built 1769-1773 for Duke Leopold III (1740-1817). Presumedly, … Continue reading

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Wishes Come True – The Final Beauty Descends

In the entry A Gusu Beauty Appears hopes were expressed for the missing fourth print in the tetraptych of Literati Pursuits to appear at an auction sale, mainly so that it could be added to the collection. Well, an auction … Continue reading

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Dates for Wang Junfu 王君甫

Recently, a map entitled Da Ming Jiubian Wanguo Renji Lucheng Quantu 大明九边万国人迹路程全图 “The Routes to Great Ming from All Nations”, ca. 120×120 cm., came to light. Of interest is the fact that it is signed in upper left part and dated: … Continue reading

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